Achievements can be earned ingame once you build a Librarium .

Achievement List:

  1. Moving in - Build your first bungalow.
  2. Novice Explorer - Beat the first tower floor.
  3. Boss Basher - Beat the 4th floor boss
  4. Smoker Smasher - Beat the 13th floor boss
  5. Ghost Basher - Beat the 25th floor boss
  6. Robot Masher - Beat the 37th floor boss
  7. Grinn Village - Have 10 Grinns in your town
  8. Grinn Town - Have 25 Grinns in your town
  9. Grinn City - Have 50 Grinns in your town
  10. Jack of all Trades - Make a hero level 3 in all jobs.
  11. Decent of all Trades - Make a hero level 10 in all jobs.
  12. Master of all Trades - Make a hero level 20 in all jobs.
  13. Steamy challenge - Defeat the 13th floor boss with a Thermal attack
  14. Shocky challenge - Defeat the 25th floor boss with a Electric attack
  15. Poisonous challenge - Defeat the 37th floor boss with a Chemical attack
  16. Happy 50 - Reach 50 Happiness
  17. Happy 300 - Reach 300 Happiness
  18. Happy 600 - Reach 600 Happiness
  19. Most Refined - Equip a hero with a full set of refined items
  20. All Refined - Equip all heros with full sets of refined items

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