Grinns adventurer

The Adventurer is all about speed. The Adventurer's attack speed is the highest of all the jobs and so the Adventurer deals a lot of damage quickly. Adventurers are melee, so they can only hit enemies in the front of the pack.

You can change other heroes to this class by building the Adventurer's Pub.

  • Scrapper (Tier 1 Adventurer)Go to
  • Explorer (Tier 2 Adventurer)Go to
  • Sneak (Tier 3 Adventurer)Go to
  • Prospector (Tier 3 Adventurer)Go to
  • Dandy (Tier 4 Adventurer)Go to
  • Shadower (Tier 5 Adventurer)Go to
  • Adventurer

Tipp: Level your Adventurer up to lvl 13. With the Scavange II skill you can farm wood and metal faster than normal - even at low level floors. I prefer 3 Adventurers lvl 13+ with full set but WITHOUT weapons. It is important not to wear weapons because you earn resources with each strike. If you wear no weapon, you can strike more often from this it follows that you earn more ressources.

For example:

Lvl 10 without weapons: 627 wood // 245 metal

Lvl 10 with weapons: 549 wood // 129 metal

Attack SkillsEdit

Skill Level Description
Melee - Basic attack can only target enemies in front
Scavenge 4 Melee attack that grants 2x resources
Pickpocket 10 Melee attack that grants 2x items
Scavenge II 13 Melee attack that grants 3x resources
Fancy Flurry 16 Melee attack that gain 12 more attack power for every exclusive hit on the same target


Ability Level Description
First Attack 5 Hitting an enemy with full HP deals 30% extra damage
First Attack II 18 Hitting an enemy with full HP deals 50% extra damage