Knowing Attack types can help you determine what gear, abilities, and which heroes to bring when going into battle.

  • Melee: These attacks are single hitting, and only damage your front hero. If your front hero dies and you do not sub one in, melee mobs will attack your second hero and so on.
  • Ranged: These attacks are single hitting, and can target anyone of your heroes in the main party.
  • Magic: These attacks hit all 3 of your heroes in the main party.
  • Heal: Scarecogs have the ability to heal the entire enemy party for a decent amount of health.
  • Special Attacks: Special attacks are powerful boss attacks that damage everyone in your party.
  • Element:
    • Electricicon Electro: Electro enemies inflict Shock. ElectriciconElectro enemies are weak against FireiconThermal attacks.
    • Poisonicon Chemical: Chemical enemies inflict Poison. PoisoniconChemical enemies are weak against Electricicon Electro attacks.
    • Fireicon Thermal: Thermal enemies inflict Scald or Burn. FireiconThermal enemies are weak against PoisoniconChemical attacks.
  • Effects: Effects Are added on top of the Monsters Normal Attack. Effects can be both single target and multi-target. Check the element at the beginning of the battle to determine what ablities they have and the effects before starting.
    • ElectriciconShock: Stuns a hero for 1 turn.
    • PoisoniconPoison: Poisons hero for XX turns, ticking for various damage.
    • FireiconScald: Reduces heroes armor by ??% amount.
    • FireiconBurn: Reduces heroes armor by ??% amount.