Powered Mill

Powered Mine

  • The Powered Mine is a premium building added on October 5th. Like the Mine, the Powered Mine collects metal automatically over time and stores it inside. The metal collected by the Powered Mine is stored within the building and can be collected and added to your total available metal stockpile by clicking on the Powered Mine once it has some metal stored. Metal collects more slowly than wood. Upgrading the Powerered Mine increases its production rate and local storage capacity.
  • The Powered Mine costs 19 Pramin to build.
  • You can have a maximum of 8 Premium Mines.


Rank Resources Cost Time to Build Max Storage Time to Fill Harvest per Minute
1 19 Pramin 00:00:15 120 02:00:00 1.0
2 2000 Wood 1000 Metal 06:00:00 960 08:00:00 2.0
3 8000 Wood 4000 Metal 14:00:00 2880 16:00:00 3.0
4 28000 Wood 14000 Metal 24:00:00 5760 24:00:00 4.0
5 66000 Wood 46000 Metal 36:00:00 9600 32:00:00 5.0

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